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AI’s Impact on Video Marketing in 2023 & Beyond

In a world dominated by video marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role, in transforming the industry. By improving customer experiences increasing engagement and providing content AI is reshaping video marketing strategies both now and, in the future. Let’s start with some overall stats, In fact, 96% of marketers have already witnessed the positive return…

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Are Skill Gaps Holding Back Your Social Media Marketing Team’s Potential?

Social media is one of the most quickly evolving areas of digital marketing. So, your social media marketing team needs to keep pace with customers and competitors alike.  From new social platforms and changing algorithms to the latest technologies and trends, marketing is unforgivingly fast-paced. It comes as no surprise that social media marketers are…

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The Future of Marketing: Harnessing AI with a Human Touch

You know that eerie moment when you’re halfway through an article or ad and you realize – “Hold on a second, a human didn’t write this. An AI did!”? We’ve all been there. It’s a bit like biting into a juicy apple, only to realize it’s made of plastic.  Sure, we’ve got AI now –…

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Why Marketing Science Is Crucial for Success Today

As a marketing pro, you know how tough it can be to capture the attention of potential clients and keep them. There are more than 10,700 digital advertising agencies in the U.S., giving business owners a lot of options. So, if you want to stand out, you need to be more than an expert in…

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7 Things You Need to Do AHEAD of Your Black Friday Facebook Ads According to Meta

Are your Facebook Ads strategy ready for Black Friday?  This is THE time of the year when shopaholics are hunting for the best offers, so you need to make sure your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns are ready to attract hungry buyers.  So, do you have your Black Friday Facebook Ads strategies all planned…

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7 Organic Marketing Strategies to Scale Faster in 2023

Want to grow your business faster?…without paying crazy amounts on paid advertising? Organic marketing is the answer. (Keep reading for my secrets).   My name is Connor Gillivan. I’ve been an Entrepreneur for 12+ years scaling multiple businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figures w/ an exit in 2019. Today, I run marketing for my portfolio…

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Do You Know Your Branding Basics? Think Again

There is no topic in business and marketing bigger than the topic branding.  When you Google the term “why is branding important,” you’ll find an abundance of resources that stress the importance of understanding and investing in branding for your success. In the majority of these resources, there are also vague references to terms like…

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How to Use Social Media to Find and Hire the Right Talent

Building a powerful and talented team is the most essential step to creating a successful business. Hiring the right people is the most important part of that process. But there’s one huge dilemma in finding the right new employees: All the great ones are already hired, and more often than not valued in their companies,…

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Easy Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies: A Practical Guide On How To Optimize Your Store

If you’re a store or website owner, one of your biggest goals is likely to increase customer conversions. After all, successful conversion rate optimization can make a world of difference when it comes to growing your business. What if we say you can take your struggling to store to a successful one by just making…

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Barbie Movie Boosts: How the Barbie Movie Redefined Brand Marketing

In 2023, the renowned toy company Mattel, famous for creating the iconic Barbie doll, faced challenging times amidst a competitive market. However, a recent development has the potential to reshape the company’s trajectory and revitalize its brand presence: the release of the much-anticipated Barbie movie. This article explores how this cinematic venture has impacted Mattel’s…

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