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How to avoid burnout and keep thriving in your venture

The first time I considered how to avoid burnout came when I was a fresh-faced newspaper reporter straight out of journalism school. Eager to become the next Bob Woodward or Hunter S. Thompson, I hung around the newsroom late into the night, looking for a hot story or sage wisdom from one of the veterans.…

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Up until now, any “promotion” your customers have done has been passive. But in the promotion stage, your customers actively spread the word about your brands, products, and services. They tell stories, make recommendations, and share your offers because they truly believe in them. Active promotion may be an affiliate or commission relationship—or just a…

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Happy customers love to share their experience, but sometimes they need some encouragement to do so. The cool thing is, once they do, they become even more loyal to your brand. So, at this stage of the Customer Value Journey, ask people to share their positive experience with your brand by writing a review or…

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At this stage, your goal is to generate repeat buys and real profits. While your entry-point offer was designed for conversions, your ascension offers should be geared for profits—because if you’re serving your customers well, they’ll want to buy again and again. Ascension offers may be simple upsells made after that initial purchase… bigger, better…

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Buying generates warm fuzzies. It’s a scientific fact. The dopamine from a new purchase gets people excited—which is why the fifth stage of the Customer Journey is to build on that excitement. How do you do that? By giving your new customer a memorable experience. Consider offering a quick-start guide… bonus features that surprise and…

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The conversion stage is all about an entry-point offer. In other words, we need the prospect to make a micro-commitment. The best way to do that is through a high-value, low-risk offer that lets them sample your wares without putting too much skin in the game. Out of all of the stages, we truly believe…

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When someone likes their experience with your brand, trust begins to build. Once that happens, it’s time to ask for a small commitment— gathering contact information and permission to connect. There’s just one problem. Today, people are careful about giving out their email address. You have to offer something valuable that makes it worth their…

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Engagement is essentially building or deepening a relationship with current and future prospects.  As a digital marketer, this stage begins immediately after your first interaction with a prospect and continues through their entire experience with your brand.  The engagement stage is how we leverage content and follow up to engage new prospects AND re-engage existing…

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If you’ve never utilized a top to bottom marketing strategy like the CVJ, the Awareness stage is what you probably think “marketing” is. Put simply, it’s making people aware of your product and brand. Awareness is the critical first step in a customer’s journey. In order to buy from you, they need to know about…

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In a creative funk? Tips for sparking inspiration

It’s January and the weeks following the holiday season can feel like you’re in a complete daze. You know that you need to get a jumpstart on your planning for the year, but your brain feels like a bowl of cold and lumpy oatmeal. So what’s an uninspired mind to do? We’ve scoured the internet…

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