Custom Built CRM's

Let's start by addressing the obvious... you're tired of having 100 logins to different services to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Am I right or am I right?

We set out to create a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that provides your business with the exact features you desire. By doing this, we've consistently helped businesses create the perfect solution to manage their business, customers and marketing - all with ONE SINGLE login. Welcome to the future of CRM's.

Customer CRM's

All-In-One Custom Software

We build EXACTLY what you need to effectively manage your business.

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    Contact Management

    Contact management can be a businesses biggest challenge. How are you currently managing your customers? How are you storing your leads? Our system provides incredible organization and segmentation. 

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    Sales & Service Pipelines

    Easily see where customers and leads are at in the pipeline. With a quick glance you can see how far along a project has come, who needs service or who's ready for a follow up sales call.

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    Reviews & Reputation

    In today's business world, reviews and reputation are everything. Are you encouraging your satisfied customers to leave reviews for your business? More importantly, are you addressing dissatisfied customers publically? Our CRM handles it all for you in one place.

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    Website Integration

    Whether your website is ancient or it was built yesterday, we can integrate our CRM. Our code snippets can be added to any website quickly and connect your website to almost any software.

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    Analytics & Reporting

    Arguably the most valuable information to your business is how well your website and marketing is performing. Our CRM tracks all of your marketing efforts, website traffic and contact behavior. All from one dashboard.

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    Two-Way Communication

    Emails, text messaging, phone calls and social media messaging - all in ONE SINGLE THREAD. Communicate directly through the CRM in the office or on the go with our mobile app. Never miss a thing with our CRM.

Common Problems The BM Solves...

  • Juggling 50 logins for 50 websites
  • Losing track of what software you are paying for and actually using
  • Forgetting to get back to a customer when you said you would
  • Not following up with old leads that could be potential buyers now
  • Waiting for website updates because your designer is in school this semester
  • Wondering if your Facebook post actually posted
  • Double booking an appointment
  • Being surprised by a bad review... from 3 months ago.
  • Wondering how long it's taken to finish a project
  • Not knowing if your marketing is actually working
  • Having next to no knowledge of how your website is performing
  • Your website never producing any leads or even calls for you
  • And about 5,000 other problems, but you get the picture

How Does The BM Solve These Problems?

The answer is simple... integration. Simply put, we've taken all of your favorite and most effective services and wrapped them into one simple dashboard. Now, everything from scheduling to invoicing is all under one roof. Just one login solves the problem of feeling of being overwhelmed and unorganized. We know this because we use our CRM for absolutely everything that we do.

Don't Freak Out...

Everything from the content you are reading to the landing page you are visiting - was built directly in our CRM. The sign up forms that you'll see and the animated buttons that tempting you to click - all within the CRM. As you read this email, tracking code is reporting valuable data into our dashboard. AI is configuring that data to determine if you're a potential buyer. You were simply a name on a list before you received this, now that we have data, you've become much more than that. You are now part of workflow that will aid us in delivering you the right services for your business. The best part is - while this is all being automated, we're able to focus on another task at hand. This is the reason we call our CRM "The Business Manager" (or the BM). Now let's show you what it can do...