Have you been looking for ways to breathe a new life into your marketing strategy?

Have you been desperately trying to get your marketing strategy to deliver better results?

Here’s what you need to do: Get help from your whole company.

Why involve non-marketing employees into your marketing activities?

Depending on how this marketing collaboration is going to work for you, you are likely to discover many more ways it benefts your company. In my experience, it’s always these three:

Identify internal talent

When it comes to digital marketing, organizations tend to look for skills and talents from outside. This makes sense because those new hires bring their experience, so there’s no training required.

But think about this: Your current employees know your product best. Many of them have direct experience talking to your clients. Including them into your marketing means working with people who can relate to your client best, people who care because they love your company.

If there’s one thing in digital marketing that can win over big budgets, that’s customer centricity. If you want your promotion to work, focus on your customers. And no one can do that better than those people who genuinely care about your customers.

Motivate your team

Feeling included can do wonders to your employees’ morale. In fact, being able to exchange ideas, work on projects and see results will probably motivate your employees like nothing else.

Motivation fosters inspiration and creativity, and those will boost the performance of your digital campaigns, provided you are going to be open to (often crazy) ideas and experiments.

Get fresh insight: Foster trust and innovation

When it comes to new ideas and experimentation, those are key in our marketing industry because nothing is actually evolving at such a fast pace as digital marketing does.

Social media platforms come and go, yesterday’s popular SEO tasks can get your site in trouble today, there are new tools popping up monthly, and their old trusted tools losing relevance.

Digital marketing landscape fuctuates and unless you keep bringing in new tactics and technology, your today’s tactics may stop working tomorrow and you will have nothing to replace them.

New ideas are born in collaboration, and that’s how your digital marketing strategy will keep innovating.

How to involve your employees in marketing activities?

When it comes to involving more people into any project, there’s always one problem to resolve: Time.

Your employees’ time is being paid by you, and once they start spending that paid time elsewhere, this is an additional expense.

On top of that, all people are different. Some of them can balance all kinds of different tasks and still get everything done. Others are always behind, so adding more tasks on their plates may get them too overwhelmed.

You don’t want your company to start struggling because every employee does nothing by marketing, but you cannot also leave certain people behind and invite those that are better at prioritizing and getting things done.

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