The 8 Best (Free!) Facebook Ads Courses of 2021 for Every Learning Level

The 8 Best (Free!) Facebook Ads Courses of 2021 for Every Learning Level

The best way to learn is by doing. The thing is, if you’re looking to learn Facebook ads, “doing” involves spending money and competing against thousands of other businesses. So if you’re not careful, trial and error can quickly turn into trial and [drain your budget and morale] error.

Fortunately, there’s a slew of Facebook ads training and courses out there to get off on the right foot. So in this post, I’m going to share with you the eight best Facebook advertising courses currently available—all of which are free! For each course, I’ll provide the course type, length, level, and who it’s best suited for. 

The best Facebook ads courses for all levels

These courses are provided by influencers and experts in Facebook advertising. Use them to problem solve, learn new tips and tricks, or optimize for a specific goal. 

 1. WordStream’s PPC University Facebook Ads course

Type: written content with screenshots
Good for: all levels of advertisers who want to stay competitive and get the most of their budget
Length: varies 

WordStream’s free Facebook ads course has been a thought leader in online advertising for over 12 years, and is the creator of the Free Facebook Ads Performance Grader—an account audit and optimization tool that gets run 10k times a month!

In our Facebook Ads course, we provide a series of 10-minute articles where top PPC influencers and experts share tips, tutorials, and strategies that have worked for them. You’ll learn nuances of the platform as well as benchmark data to be able to understand and optimize your performance. The lessons provide strategic advice on:

Facebook ad copywriting
Best time to run Facebook ads
Lowering your costs
Strategies for local businesses
Must-know Facebook ad optimizations
What to do if your ads aren’t showing
Targeting and retargeting
Facebook advertising benchmarks

2. Kai Bax’s Ecommerce Facebook Ads Training 

Type: YouTube video with people talking and screen sharing
Good for: all levels looking to scale their ecommerce ROI through Facebook
Length: one hour

Kai Bax’s free ecommerce Facebook ads course comes from Kai himself, an ecommerce marketing influencer and founder of Bax Consulting, an agency focused on scaling ecommerce and info product businesses.

In this one-hour YouTube tutorial, Kai shares the process his agency uses to scale growth and revenue for its clients through Facebook advertising. He takes you from basic setup all the way to reporting, with commentary and tips to maintain profitability at every step. Just be prepared—he’s intense! (In all the best ways; he’s clearly passionate.) You’ll learn:

Account and campaign setup
How to measure your ads
Columns to use in reporting
How to make metrics-based decisions
Checklist to keep your ROAS on track to scale revenue 


The best Facebook ads training courses for beginners

These Facebook training courses are geared for beginners looking to understand Facebook advertising on a general and conceptual level. They are good for people looking to get familiar with Ads Manager and set up their first campaign

3. Simiplilearn’s Social Media Certification Program 

Type: eLearning video with animation, talking heads, screen sharing
Good for: beginners looking to run their first Facebook ad campaign
Length: 1.5 hours

Simplilearn’s free Facebook ads course was created by Paul Lewis, a Social Media and Digital Selling expert and lecturer for universities and corporate training organizations. It’s on an eLearning platform, so you can clearly see and move back and forth between lessons. It is comprehensive for social media marketing (totaling 49 hours), but lessons 7-10 are for Facebook advertising specifically.

When you go to the link below, click “Start Learning,” and create your free account (no credit card required). You’ll then have unlimited access for 90 days. In these lessons, you’ll learn:

How Facebook advertising works
Facts, stats, and terms to know
Walkthrough of Ads Manager
How to set up your first campaign
Campaign review, tracking, and reporting 

​​4. Facebook Blueprint’s Facebook training modules

Type: written content with visuals
Good for: beginners who want to understand Facebook Ads Manager and Commerce Manager
Length: 1-2 hours

Blueprint’s free Facebook ads training comes to you from Facebook, the world’s largest social media channel and now….Meta. The advantage with this content is that it’s always up-to-date. Plus, the courses are modular so Facebook mixes and matches them to create training tracks based on different learning goals.

When you go to the link, look for “Select a topic to get started” and choose “Start your advertising journey.” Between the start advertising and sell your products tracks, you’ll learn how to:

Set up your campaign objective and targeting.
Choose your placements and budget
Use Facebook Ads Manager 
Manage inventory with product catalogs.
Set up your shop and use Commerce Manager.

The best intermediate Facebook ads training courses 

In addition to basics and instructions, these courses cover the next layer of topics and concepts in Facebook advertising, along with general suggestions and best practices.

5. Andrew Zeng’s Facebook Ads Tutorial

Type: YouTube video with animation, talking heads, screen sharing
Good for: beginner to intermediates looking to grow an online business with Facebook
Length: 33 minutes

Andrew’s free Facebook ads tutorial comes from…wait for it…Andrew Ethan Zang, an expert in digital marketing, ecommerce, and online business. This 30-minute YouTube tutorial takes care of the usual setup basics, but goes into more depth on ad creative, funnel strategy, and campaigns using the conversions objective and engagement objectives.

Andrew provides time stamps and links to resources in the description for easy navigation. He also covers the basics of the marketing funnel and generating popularity and demand. You’ll learn:

Facebook ads account vs Facebook Business Manager
The anatomy of a Facebook ad
Creative design and tools
Ad setup, scheduling, and policies

6. Alison’s Facebook Advertising for Beginners course

Type: slides and screen sharing with voiceover
Good for: beginners to intermediates who want to know the dos and don’ts of Facebook advertising.
Length: 1.5 hours

This free Alison Facebook ads course is brought to you by Theo McArthur, an expert online marketer and Amazon seller. Like Simplilearn, it’s provided through an eLearning platform so you can move between specific chapters and take a course assessment. It does, however, have eight-second ads before each lesson, unless you go for the premium monthly plan.

The training offers a mix of general setup instructions, suggestions and best practices to follow, and common mistakes to avoid. You’ll learn:

Types of Facebook ads
Page and pixel setup
How to run a likes campaign
Custom conversions
Audience insights

7. Hubspot’s Facebook Ads Dollar-a-Day course

Type: eLearning video with animation, people talking, slides, and screen sharing
Level: beginner to intermediates looking to run Facebook ads on a budget
Length: 36 minutes

Hubspot’s free Facebook training course comes from Facebook expert and BlitzMetrics CTO Denis Yu. This strategy was designed by Dennis himself to focus on using frequent, lightweight touches to get widespread exposure on a budget. You’ll learn:

What the Dollar-a-Day strategy is all about
How to set up and measure it, with a strategy worksheet
How to build ad sequences with targeting/retargeting
How to create winning Facebook video ads

8. Coursenvy’s Facebook Ads Mastery Class 

Type: YouTube video slideshow with voice overlay
Good for: beginners to intermediates who want to understand Facebook campaign objectives.
Length: 1h 20m

Coursenvy’s free Facebook ads mastery course is essentially a written course turned into a slideshow with someone reading the content (but it’s not mind-numbing). So there isn’t any animation but every slide is an informative screenshot with tips overlaid on top. 

The course takes a deeper dive into the different Facebook advertising campaign types, sharing what each one is and how to set them up for success. It also covers additional topics like dynamic ads and budgeting—all with examples and pro tips. You’ll learn:

Facebook advertising terms to know
Account and campaign setup
Objectives to choose based on goals
Budgeting tips
Split testing
Facebook Dynamic Creative ads

The 8 best free Facebook ads courses (full list)

WordStream’s PPC University Facebook Ads Course
Kai Bax’s Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Course
HubSpot Academy’s Dollar-a-Day Strategy Course
Simiplilearn’s Social Media Certification Program
Facebook Blueprint’s Facebook Ads Modules
Andrew Zeng’s Facebook Ads Tutorial
Alison’s Facebook Advertising for Beginners
Coursenvy’s Facebook Master Course 

More ways to learn Facebook ads

What we have in PPC U only scratches the surface of content we have for you to learn Facebook ads. We’re always coming out with new posts to help you keep up with this evolving platform. Here are some more resources for you.

Learn Facebook ads costs

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks
Learn average CPC, CPM, CTR, and CPL for 12 different industries so you can gauge your performance.
Facebook Ads Daily vs. Lifetime Budgets: Pros & Cons
Not sure which budget type to use? We’ve got you covered.
7 Budget-Wasting Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid
We turn seven costly mistakes into seven smart tips for success.

Learn Facebook ads optimizations

4 Ways to Make Facebook & Google Ads Work Better Together
A solid cross-channel strategy is your path to steady growth.
5 Ways to Cut Your Cost Per Lead on Facebook Ads
Easy but effective ways to get more leads without spending more money.
Use our Free Facebook Ads Performance Grader
Hours’ worth of account auditing done in minutes, with an easy-to-read report containing suggestions for improvement. 

Learn Facebook ads post-iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 update and Google’s upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies have caused upheaval in the world of Facebook advertising. Targeting, tracking, and reporting is becoming more difficult. These posts will guide you through:

8 Tips to Maintain Effective Facebook Ad Targeting in iOS 14
7 Ways to Combat Rising Facebook CPMs Due to iOS 14
2 Smart Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

You now have more than enough material to understand, get started with, and succeed through Facebook advertising! Time to jump into the metaverse…

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