Save Time and Money with Online Marketing

Have you ever tried marketing online for your business? It can be a daunting task. Keeping up with your following on social media, timing your email messaging and ensuring your not burning through your budget with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can really make your head spin. Even if you do have a grasp on your online marketing, your probably wondering where your marketing budget is best spent. With so many marketing channels, so many options to spend your money and so little accurate data, online marketing can feel like a vicious circle of failure.

We’re here for you. You’ll work directly with our marketing specialists, the same folks that will be actually executing your campaigns. Unlike most online marketing agencies, we don’t outsource the work to freelancers or high schoolers. We don’t send your project overseas to save money and we certainly don’t make deals with less reputable companies to handle our overflow work. We’re dedicated to your company, your campaigns and your projects. With everything being done in-house, you’ll save money, time and most importantly improve your online marketing effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing Works

Finding it tough to keep up with your social media marketing? Like most business owners, it’s hard to find the time to manage your social media marketing. Additionally, most business owners aren’t using a defined social media marketing strategy. We live and breath social media marketing for businesses. We channel these popular networks to produce a solid foundation for your online marketing.

Millions of marketers can’t be wrong. Social media marketing really works. Facebook has grown to a whopping 1.8 billion users. Most of which happily display their interests, age and location. With so much incredible data at our fingertips, we’ll help you reach the right target, with the right message at the right time.

Bring Life to Your Email Marketing

We all know we should be doing it – but who has the time? Are you struggling with sending your monthly newsletters or following up with that lead pool you just generated? We totally understand the struggle of staying on top of your email marketing – we’ve been there. With the help of our email marketing professionals, we’ll have your business generating incredible response from email marketing in no time.

Marketing Automation is the Key to Success

Manually controlling your email marketing is a thing of the past. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to marketing automation. We know what you’re thinking… “automated email marketing sounds great, but I don’t have the time to do this”. Well, you may be right… but that’s where we come in. With low cost options, we can start automating your email marketing, social media posting, blog entries and much more. Marketing automation is an incredible tool for your business to utilize. Having a solid strategy and well executed automated campaign will save you countless hours, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Delivers Results

Pay per click advertising (PPC) or cost per click advertising (CPC) can be very beneficial for your online presence. Advertising through Google can be especially rewarding as it’s also the number one search engine on earth. Pay per click advertising may sound simple, but if you’re not experienced it can turn out to be a bad investment, resulting in minimal clicks and zero conversions.

We specialize in pay click campaigns and cost per click advertising. By analyzing key phrases that pertain to your business and creating new, more targeted lists, we’re able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t work for your campaigns. We take the guess work out of things like target demographics, search volume and final reporting – ensuring that your campaign is run smooth and effective.

Text Message Marketing Generates a Buzz

We don’t handle text message marketing like most companies. In fact, we feel that text message marketing to prospects is extremely invasive. However, what if you could strategically text your current customers throughout a campaign? We’ve seen the results of perfectly timed SMS marketing and we’re pleased to offer it as part of our marketing arsenal. Thanking a customer who just placed an order, followed you on social media or simply visited your landing page can go a really long way.

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