Pay Per Click Advertising

Effective Marketing Made Easy

Pay per click advertising (PPC) or cost per click advertising (CPC) can be very beneficial for your online presence. Advertising through Google can be especially rewarding as it’s also the number one search engine on earth. Pay per click advertising may sound simple, but if you’re not experienced it can turn out to be a bad investment, resulting in minimal clicks and zero conversions.

You Need a PPC Strategy

Strategies that Work

We specialize in pay click campaigns and cost per click advertising. By analyzing key phrases that pertain to your business and creating new, more targeted lists, we’re able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t work for your campaigns. We take the guess work out of things like target demographics, search volume and final reporting – ensuring that your campaign is run smooth and effective.

How it Works

We collect demographic information for your campaign
We optimize your campaigns for Google Local
Re-targeting campaigns display your ad throughout the internet
Google Shopping Campaigns can sell your products for you
We adjust your pay per click campaign on the fly
We can develop specific landing page for your pay per click campaign
We track and analyze your pay per click campaign on a daily basis
We’ll manage your budget and bid on keywords
Hook into automated marketing and nurture leads

Remarketing & Retargeting Your Customers

Your Ads Follow Your Customers

Have you ever searched for something and then minutes, hours or days later – you see an ad relevant to that search? Remarketing & retargeting are ads that follow your customers around the internet based on their recent searches and website visits. We also use some nifty tools that pull potential customer demographics and display your ads accordingly. This is another form of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), generally less expensive with a much lower click-through-rate (CTR) – however in conjunction with additional marketing efforts – can be extremely effective.

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