Business Associate

HIPAA requires health care providers to enter into "business associate" contracts with certain businesses to which they disclose patient health information. These business associate contracts generally require the recipients of such information to use appropriate safeguards to protect the patient health information they receive. To perform certain service and support functions, In2sight LLC personnel may need access to patient health information maintained by its customers. As a result, In2sight LLC may be considered a "business associate" of customers to whom it provides such services.

In2sight LLC’s business associate agreement will assure its customers that the company will use patient information obtained from them to provide services and support only and will safeguard that information from misuse.


Privacy & Security Policy

To implement these business associate requirements and protect the confidentiality and integrity of the patient information it receives, In2sight LLC’s Privacy and Security Policy will:

Provide that the company obtain and use confidential patient health information obtained from its customers only as necessary to perform customer service and support functions;

Limit access to such information to those employees and agents who perform identified service and support functions;

Prohibit disclosure of patient health information received from customers to persons who are not employees or agents of the company in the absence of express approval from the legal department and, if appropriate, the customer and/or patient;

Require all employees and agents of the company to report uses and disclosures of patient information that are not permitted by In2sight LLC’s Privacy and Security Policy;

Provide that In2sight LLC investigate all reports that patient health information was used in a manner not permitted by its Privacy and Security Policy and will impose appropriate sanctions for conduct prohibited by the policy;

Establish that In2sight LLC employees who may come in contact with patient health information receive training regardingIn2sight LLC's Privacy and Security Policy and the importance of protecting the privacy and security of patient health information; and

Provide for the storage and transmission of patient health information received from customers in a secure manner that protects the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information.


For more detailed information about In2sight LLC’s policies and procedures, please feel free to contact or call (724) 519-7845