Search Engine Optimization

Organic Clicks Are Free

Why is search engine optimization such a popular service? Once your website is optimized for search, you’ll be generating clicks to your website organically, which means when someone searches for a keyword – they could end up at your website. The benefit of search engine optimization is that once your site is optimized, Google will continue to show your website to people searching for your products and services – without a monthly fee or paying for each click. Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint… and when properly implemented – can be invaluable to your online marketing.

How Keywords Work

The Key to Success

A keyword is the word or phrase that sums up what a specific web page is focused on. For instance, this page has keywords like “search engine optimization” and “rank higher on Google” – because this page is focused on helping websites become more search engine friendly. Keywords count for about 20% of how Google’s algorythm operates. By keywords that revolve around your business, product or services, we’re able to let Google know that your business should be showing up for specific searches. With an arsenal of tools to uncover high volume keywords we’ll help you dominate your competition both nationally and locally.

Website Submissions & Directories

Creating Inbound Links

By submitting your website to hundreds of directories throughout the internet, we’ll increase your overall page rank. Your page rank is a 1 through 10 ranking of how Google views your website, 10 being the best. Our focus is to create submissions into directories that focus on your industry. Each submission is highly optimized, utilizing keywords – further letting Google know that your business is focused on those keywords. Submissions are an excellent way to boost your search engine visibility and ultimately, what makes us so good at search engine optimization.

Reporting & Analytics

Real Time Results

We take the time to analyze what is working and what isn’t. By studying behavior flows and traffic patterns we can identify which pages of your website are preforming well and which aren’t. By boosting your under-preforming pages, we’re able to steadily increase your Alexa Rank (global website ranking) and ultimately increase your search visibility. We provide daily, weekly or monthly reporting, directly from Google – showing you the effectiveness of our service.

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